Space Systems


In the vast expanse of space, precision, reliability, and technological superiority are paramount. We specialize in designing, building, and integrating space systems that enable scientific exploration, satellite communication, Earth observation, and national security initiatives. Our team works tirelessly to deliver space solutions that transcend boundaries.


SmallSats & CubeSats

Small satellite solutions for low-cost space missions, enabling data collection, communication, and scientific exploration.

Deployables & Mechanisms

Innovative solutions for efficient deployment and operation of space assets, enhancing mission adaptability and functionality.

Optical Systems

Optical system technology for precise observation, data capture, and analysis in space, supporting advanced imaging and remote sensing applications.

Special Test Equipment

Tailored and sophisticated testing solutions designed to validate, analyze, and ensure the operational readiness of space systems, guaranteeing the highest levels of performance and safety in complex missions.

Ground Support Equipment

Essential and reliable tools and systems that facilitate the assembly, integration, testing, and maintenance of space assets, contributing to seamless pre-launch preparations and mission execution.

Obsolescence Mitigation

Strategic and proactive measures to counter the challenges of outdated technology, ensuring sustained operational effectiveness and longevity of space systems through continuous monitoring, adaptation, and component replacement.