Advanced Manufacturing


Leveraging innovative, cutting-edge, manufacturing technologies, our team pushes the boundary of what is possible. Our commitment to precision, performance, and efficiency ensures that our manufacturing solutions stand unrivaled in quality and reliability.


Additive & Hybrid Manufacturing

Specialized manufacturing technologies utilizing traditional and additive techniques to produce optimized components and hardware, streamlining production and enhancing performance.

Optical Systems

Innovative manufacturing techniques specialized in crafting intricate and high-performance reflective optics for customer applications, ensuring exceptional precision and operational excellence.

Advanced Material Research

Apply material science research and methodologies to develop and utilize advanced materials in various applications to enable innovation and push the boundaries of what is possible.

Rapid Prototyping

Agile and efficient manufacturing processes that swiftly transform design concepts into tangible prototypes, expediting innovation, empowering swift iteration and enabling precise development.

Precision Machining

Specialized manufacturing processes producing intricate components with exceptional precision and uncompromising quality.

Assembly & Integration

Comprehensive assembly and integration of complex components and systems including precision assembly of space hardware as well as full system integration.